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Challenging tomorrow's food obsession


Food has moved from physical necessity to the epicenter of constant attention through media, public opinion and status. It has taken over the Western world, past the point of hype or trend and become a social obsession. Suddenly, everything is about food!
Its best advocate is the new foodie. He is not defined by demographics like age, income or favorite hobby, but through a common mindset. Everyone can be a new foodie, from the hipster in the urban capital, to the local advocate in his small town.


The new foodie is everywhere. He’s you and me.
And he’s always hungry.


gravity conducted research to explore what drives today’s food culture and challenge what’s next: whether at the laboratory of elBulli, eating from dumpsters or deconstructing a traditional meal at home.

This website shares  some of our impressions, thinking and concepts along the way. Essentially, it is about people and how they think and behave about daily meals.  Our research approach was very open: wherever people lead, we followed. We did not focus on the negatives connected to food like the rise of obesity – we sifted through today's habits and perceptions in search of a positive trend for the future.

Food Thinking is our approach to define and challenge tomorrow’s culture and capital of food. 

11 contextual interviews
7 experts discussions

Where: Germany, Spain, United Kingdom

When: August -
September 2012

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